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Ne Kunda Nlaba Ne Kunda Nlaba
Ne Kunda Nlaba is the Screenwriter, Producer and Director of the biopic drama feature film Kimpa Vita about a revolutionary young woman burnt alive on pyre on 02 July 1706 for her struggle against slavery

19/02/2020 10PM | GUEST | Karina H Maynard

Born in Kinshasa in D.R.Congo, Ne Kunda Nlaba is an award-winning African Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Actor and Political Scientist based in London. He is the owner and C.E.O of Labson Bizizi-Cine Kongo Ltd and Afrika Bizizi Distribution Ltd, founder and Film Professor at Kongo Bizizi Academy “the Pan African Film Institute”, creator of Bizizi Box and also member of Producers Guild of Great Britain (PGGB). 

“Kimpa Vita” is a Ne Kunda Nlaba’s biopic drama feature film about Kimpa Vita, a 22 years old revolutionary young woman burnt alive on pyre on 02 July 1706 in the great Kingdom of Kongo for her struggle against slavery, industrial plundering, deportations, massacre of Kongo people and for her courage, braveness and audacity to rebuild and reunify her Kingdom and revive the ancestral spirituality that existed before.



Kimpa Vita

After meeting with the European powers in the 15th century, the powerful Kingdom of Kongo collapses following a series of strife, civil war, looting, industrial plundering and slave trade.  The Kongo power is weakened, the Kingdom is scrambled into several small states, the minerals of the country are plundered, slavery and deportations increase, and leaving no hopes to the population. The capital city, Mbanza Kongo is burned to the ground and the population are forced to flee the city. In 1684, near Kibangu Mountain, a star is born and gives a glimmer of hope to the Kongo people. In 1704, at the age of 20, the young revolutionary stands up to rebuild her kingdom, fight against slavery, restore the ancestral spirituality and then become the symbol of freedom for her people. But she also becomes the enemy of the colonial system that will coalesce to eliminate her. Her name is Kimpa Vita.


Screenwriter, Producer and Director: Ne Kunda Nlaba

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