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Emily Aboud Emily Aboud
Emily is a writer and producer, a recipient of an Exceptional Talent visa, she has directed works internationally in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as in the UK.

16/01/2020 10PM | GUEST | Karina H Maynard

Writer and producer Emily Aboud who is the recipient of an Exceptional Talent visa, she has directed works internationally in Trinidad & Tobago, as well as in the UK. She is an associate artist at the Bush Theatre and the artistic director of Lagahoo Productions. Her most recent directing credits include Splintered (Edinburgh Fringe 2019), Pink Lemonade (Edinburgh Fringe 2019), Exceptional Promise (Bush Theatre), Salty Irina (Ovalhouse) and What We Talk about when We (don't) Talk about Race (Theatre503). She has worked as an assistant director for the Gate Theatre, the Bush Theatre and the British Library.

We will discuss her upcoming show, Lagahoo Production's 'Splintered' opening at the Vault Festival 12-16 February 2020.

Caribbean people have a tendency to celebrate through hard times, and here we are - celebrating and trying to unpack what it means to be queer in a homophobic culture. It's a carnival dance party littered with sad truths and joyful lies.

"Carnival is rebellion, through rebellion we find joy."


Welcome to SPLINTERED, the queer carnival party! Based upon interviews with queer women in Trinidad & Tobago, this is a show unlike any other to grace the London stage. Carnival is a celebration despite and in spite of oppression. How does one deal with coming out in a homophobic culture? With a party, duh. Expect a form-breaking, joy-inducing cabaret with plenty wining and glitter – "come free up yuhself"!


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